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The Swedish Art of Completion

Bli Klar: The Complete Book – Now available for download

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Bli Klar: The Swedish Art of Completion

Anna Lundqvist

Anna lives with her family in northern Sweden, known for its dark, cold and long winters, minimalistic design and tough people. A place where getting things done is a way of living.

Anna teaches and trains people in the art of getting the right things done, she coaches leaders and change makers and help organizations create sustainable growth and development. Anna has a Master of Science in Engineering and is an internationally certified ICC coach with 25 years of experience in leadership, training and project management. Anna is also very interested in health and work environment issues, and she is an ayurvedic health advisor, exercise coach, reiki master, yin yoga instructor and certified breathing instructor. An important basis for her work concerns creating long-term sustainability and an optimal balance between performance and health.

The concept of Bli Klar™ has been developed on the basis of established project management models, current research and Anna’s own experiences. She also offers consulting support through her company Complete Consulting with regard to efficiently implementing changes and development efforts, leadership support and Complete Coaching™. Anna’s clients are found in both public organizations and private companies. This book is part of an ambition to help more people, without limitations in terms of time and space. It is supplemented by courses, lectures and coaching.