The book Bli klar by Anna Lundqvist
Do you want to have more time, energy, joy and results?

Bli Klar™ - the simple way to more of what you want

Do you feel stressed or tired, a lack of motivation or that you simply have too much to do?
Is your energy level low?
Do you feel like time is never enough?

Learn the simple way to create more of what your want – time, energy, joy and results.



Strength to do everything you want


More time for what’s most important


Reach further with everything you do


More inspiration and ease in your life

You may have tried to make a change several times before, but never really succeeded? Do you recognize yourself? I know, I've been there too.

I have made this journey myself. I was alone with two children. Worked hard and did my very best. Achieved a lot but still never quite got where I wanted. Instead I mostly felt tired and stressed. I made all the most common mistakes (which you may also have made):

- You do not get the important things done.
- You try to do too much at once.
- You do not make it easy for yourself.

"There must be a simpler way", I thought. There and then I committed to find it. I was going to find out what really works. How did other successful people do? How can you manage to create outstanding results and at the same time keep your energy level high?

My search led me to modern research on the brain and quantum physics. But also, to thousands of years of traditional knowledge about energy, results and health. I have tested tool after tool and gradually a method has been designed. A method that makes it easier to create everything you want. I found a way to be able to create with ease.

So now I know – there is an easier way. And now I want to show it to you.

Anna Lundqvist
"Really thought-provoking. I realized that I was missing a lot of energy due to unfinished projects. Now I have more energy left for myself."
"Alternating theory and practical exercises is super helpful. I have been able to use the tools in my everyday life directly. And they really made a difference."
"The effect of using the Bli Klar™ method is that for the first time in my professional life as a consultant, I have achieved a sense of freedom at the end of my day and week, a feeling I’ve so long longed for."

Learn to free up energy and time

In this online course, you will learn how to create better results without putting in more effort. You'll learn how to free up energy and time for what's most important to you. And you will get simple tools and practical tasks to help you directly implement the knowledge in your everyday life.

Todo lists - learn the swedish art of completion

Learn The Swedish Art of Completion

Do you want to reach your goals, get the right things done and at the same time feel better?
Then this is the course for you.

Anna guides you step by step and the method will increase your skills in Bli Klar™, The Swedish Art of Completion. You will learn how to put your thoughts into action, finish what you started and create what you want.

With the Bli Klar™ method, you will get everything you need to master the useful Art of Completion.

Woman, desktop, the method Bli klar - be more effective

The method Bli Klar™

If you apply the principles and tools you get in this course, you are guaranteed to get better at getting things done, and you will get done with the right things, not just be more effective.

The Bli Klar™ method is based on modern research combined with traditional ancient wisdom as well as studies of successful people and organizations. And all of course spiced with my own experiences.

The online course Bli klar - learn to free up energy and time

The online course

The online course will give you access to eight effective strategies with several easy-to-use tools, that together give you more energy, time and better results.  

The course contains eight chapters with recorded lectures and practical tasks. The tasks will help you to implement the knowledge in your everyday life directly. They are also available as downloadable pdf files so you can go back to and use them even after the course.

Get more of what you want – more time, energy, joy and results. Do less and get better results!



If you do all the tasks in the course, I guarantee that you will get a change you want. If you for whatever reason would not get a change you want, you will get your money back. The only thing you have to do to get your money back is to describe the change you wanted to achieve, what you have done to achieve it and what change you have actually achieved. You also have to show that you have done all the tasks.

If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.
The guarantee is valid for 8 weeks from your purchase.

 The online course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but you can of course do it at your own pace. Since the lectures are recorded, you can listen to them, and do the tasks, whenever it suits you the best.  You have access to the online course for 8 months from your purchase.

Anna Lundqvist

Anna Lundqvist

Bli Klar

"My mission is to help people and organizations do better and feel better. In other words, to contribute to a better world."